Why We Write

We write for children. We write to inspire every child to believe in dreams. To believe they can become whatever they desire, maybe even, a history maker.

We write for parents, teachers, coaches, and everyone who cares for a child. We want you to know that your efforts, as simple or innocuous as they may seem sometimes, has the power to shape young lives and set them on the path to unimagined success. We want you to know you have the power to help children overcome challenges and achieve the impossible. You do!

The Little Boy from Jamaica is a shining illustration of how hope can lift a person above their conditions to the very height of their dreams. Readers will learn that hard work, help from others, and a powerful belief in yourself, are all essential elements in achieving truly spectacular things.

The potential for greatness resides in all of us, just as it did The Little Boy from Jamaica. If we can each capitalize on this immense gift to the best of our abilities, think how far we can go toward making our world a better place.